Project Description

The Talent Acquisition Process

Have you ever tried to fill a position on your own? How much time have you spent on reviewing resumes once the position is posted? Where have you posted the position? Are you pre-screening the candidates before scheduling them to come in for an interview?

This process is time-consuming and can get quite frustrating, to say the least. Imagine if you could have someone handle this for you. Our recruiting process is very simple. We will come in and meet with you, get an idea of the type of candidate you are looking for, and assess what is best for the team, the organization, and the person you are looking for to fill that role.

We handle all job postings, search resume databases, pre-screen and meet all candidates before you do, and you are presented with the top 3 candidates. We can sit in and guide the interview for you, and even give you some important questions and interview skills coaching before. In the end, all you have to do is decide which candidate is best for your company and focus on growing your business.